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The Guns and Roses Experience

The Guns and Roses Experience

A fabulous new Cotswolds based event, The Guns and Roses Experience is a unique and exciting mix of flower arranging workshops and then out in the field shooting experiences.

All under the expert tuition of award-winning young gun Shelley Spencer aka The Broadway Florist & her team.

Unlike any other day out, combining the rough with the smooth, The Guns & Roses Experience will introduce you to the art of floristry. Shelley will show you how to create a beautiful flower arrangement, made of blooms picked for their colourand fragrance and visual impact. Then as a complete contrast, you will swap the petal for the metal and leave the classroom for the field shooting experience.

Contact details

3 Keil Close
High Street
Worcestershire, WR12 7DP

Tel: 01386 853000