Broadway Tower Charity Run

On Wednesday 27th May at 7.15pm, runners from all over took part in a fun event in Broadway to raise money for a very worthy cause.

The Broadway Tower Hill Run is a multi-terrain race approximately 5 miles in distance set in the beautiful countryside of Broadway with the challenging course featuring stretches of muddy footpaths, winding side roads, meadows and farm tracks, not to mention a lot of treacherous hills!

The spirit of the event was fantastic, everyone donated generously and some runners even paid more than the £5 entry fee in the name of charity. It was a huge success with a staggering 135 runners of all ages taking part and raising an incredible £755 for the campaign of the new Worcestershire Breast Care Unit. The money raised will go towards new facilities and clinical equipment, helping those affected with breast cancer to receive the best treatment.

The race results were split into four categories, the winning male/female, senior, veteran and super veteran. Oscar Barbour took the crown for the males with a run time of 33.17 and Alison Carr was the fastest female with 40.21. Andrew Kendry and Jessica Lindenberg were the quickest seniors with times of 34.06 and 42.52 respectively.

A special mention must go to the organisers, Marianne Day, Roger Day, Liz Day and Natasha Day who planned the entire event and worked tiresomely to ensure it ran smoothly!

To all the runners, those who suffered the cramps and the lactic acid. It was through their uphill struggle and tired legs that encouraged everybody to dig deep to support the important charity.

Check out the Broadway Tower Hill Race page for the full list of race times and finishing positions.

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